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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the units come from?

They have been in service in major retailers throughout the United States and have been removed due to a variety of reasons including pre-determined amortization schedules, remodeling or changes in the retailer’s product mix

What reconditioning do you do?

Our intake process evaluates every unit to identify any issues that must be addressed to take it back to the factory specification.  Each component is tested as is the overall performance.  Trained technicians address every issue and then the unit is professionally cleaned inside and out and the unit’s performance is retested.  Units who pass the test are then made available for sale.

What happens if the unit doesn’t work when it arrives?

If a unit arrives in less than working condition, we will replace it at our expense so please call us immediately if there is any issue.  You can return any non-performing item in the first 30 days for a full refund but shipping will be your responsibility. 

What other items can Charles Smith provide for my business?

We can provide any equipment or accessory related to our specialty which is providing beverage dispensing equipment such as vending machines, soda fountain machines, and similar items to serve beer, carbonated soft drinks, frozen drinks and desert, juice and water. Many of our customers are in hard-to-reach places so when we send them a shipment it's likely to include a wide variety of products.

Where can you ship units?

Anywhere in the world.  We can send them to your freight forwarded, have them shipped to any port in the world or to any address in the world.

 What’s the best way to ship the units?

We’re glad to use your freight forwarded or shipper if you have one.  If not, our volumes allows us to get great pricing and we’re glad to ship to your dock-high door. .search-bar{ display: none; }