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Charles S. Smith & Associates was founded in 1976 and was owned and operated by the Smith family until 2014 and the passing of the founder’s son. Both Charles and his son, Mike, had built a wonderful reputation that we strive to uphold. Our goal is to be of service to others, in whatever form that might take, and we hope you’ll give us a chance to serve you and your team as well.

As a service provider we select, source, configure, inventory, ship and support a wide variety of items including coolers, all types of dispensers, filters, spare parts and anything else you can imagine that’s required to serve any beverage to any customer anywhere. We frequently act as a “consolidator” for our customer, procuring unique or hard-to-find items and combining them with other shipments to minimize total landed cost.

Give us a try! Quotes are free and asking for a quote is the only way that you can see for yourself the value that you can get from our team of industry experts, each with over 20 years of experience. Finding the right part, understanding supplier reliability and product compatibility, ensuring order quality, providing support and escalation when needed are all examples of service that is the foundation of our company

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