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Service and Support

Charles Smith & Associates is a service company organized around our expertise in beverage dispensing equipment.

We are most commonly asked to help our customers select, source and ship equipment and share parts for various types of various dispensers but we also provide several related services. For example:

i. For large projects, it is common for us to conduct a site survey to fully understand the unique requirements of every installation. We’ll follow this up by providing a draft equipment list and project timeline and budget.

ii. We help customers buy, sell, and refurbish used equipment.

iii. We provide training both in person and via Zoom.

iv. We provide technology-related services. For example, we have

a. Managed the deployment of remote monitoring equipment for vending machines.

b. Build a website to host training material.

c. Deployed a cloud-based support system for field technicians.

Our staff has decades of experience in beverage equipment and related technology and we stand ready to serve.